Thursday, August 7, 2008


It is so funny you mention this! I am living it right now! I have finally come to terms with the fact this summer that nobody should compare kids to each other! I am always thinking that "Averi isn't doing this or that like so and so's kid" and I am really sick of therapists and others telling me how they think she isn't caught up to her age group or that she doesn't act quite normal, and that maybe something may be wrong with her! DUH! She was in a coma for 5 months and lost her vision for heavens sake! Can you really seem normal after that? I am going to just plug my ears and run the other way screaming! I have gotten ulcers from people suggesting that Averi has something wired wrong in her brain or that she may be Autistic! Who cares!?! I finally went to a specialist and my doctor and asked them if they think she has something wrong with her brain and they both told me NO! Hallelujah!

Finally, I have started using the term "that's normal for Averi"! Yes, she still wears diapers and eats baby food and she is 6 years old which is very abnormal, but it is "normal for Averi"! The good thing is that seeing "lines on the sidewalk", spinning in circles, playing piano, riding the bus, going to school, identifying people by their fingernails, smelling everyone, listening to music, jumping on the trampoline, playing with siblings, etc. is normal for my "blind" child! So whatever! There are a lot of "not normal" people in this world, and being "blind" is pretty good compared to some things I've seen out there. And the bonus is that she won't have to see it! She won't have to see a lot of crap that I wish I could block out of my mind!

Lastly, I know a lot of blind people, and they give me hope! I know that all of these kids have the potential to do so much! The only restriction I can think of is driving! And, we can find ways around that-no problem! I think the more awareness the public has, the more "normal" being "blind" will seem. That is part of our responsibility as parents! I am making it my goal to not be worried and embarrassed and to let others learn from my beautiful, wonderful, "normal" child!

P.S.-It gets harder as they get older, sorry! I just wanted to warn you now so you know! But, that is my new "normal", we will just keep adjusting.