Friday, May 9, 2008

Special Announcement!

O.K., here is our first announcement! Kathryn wants to have a parent group picnic in June. We are thinking about the 2nd week of June. We would like to maybe try a weeknight/early evening this time. I know weekends are busy this time of year, so we thought a weeknight may be better. Let me know what works best for you, I would love input.

Let's have it at the equal access playground, I will try to reserve that shelter. I think that would be so fun for all of the kids. This is a awesome opportunity to meet everyone too! We haven't had good turnout at the past couple of picnics (hint, hint), so I am trying hard to make us all excited to do this. It is actually really fun once you get there and get talking! I have really benefited from meeting other families in the past.

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Lessie said...

This sounds fun. I don't know if Gareth is old enough to play on the playground yet, but Theron will certainly enjoy the opportunity to interact with some new kids. And I figure it can only be healthy for him to be around other children with disabilities so that his own brother's disabilities won't be as much a surprise to him when he starts to notice the differences.

Anyway, keep us posted on the actual date. Second week in June sounds okay. I think my folks may be here that week, but I'm sure they won't mind if we go--and they may even want to come along.