Thursday, May 8, 2008

Your story is inspiring

Thank you James and Amber for sharing your story. Sometimes when your child is diagnosed with medical conditions, it is comforting to know that there are people like you who inspire us all. I have learned as a grandmother who has a grandson with cortical vision impairment, heart problems, and developmental delays requiring PT, OT, Vision, Chiropractic Atlas Adjustments, and Speech Therapy, that it is important to pray, hope for the best, and never give up. My grandson has never been officially diagnosed with anything yet, and we have made so many trips to SLC it sometimes feels like a nightmare. The Genetics Doctor finally decided to give the baby a "test rest" so he isn't prodded and poked for 6 months and then will see what develops. Keeping a smile on your face is so important for the sake of you and your child. I am also a Special Education Teacher and still I wasn't prepared to face the truth. I was constantly hoping that things would be ok. !8 months later, my grandson has made gains, but still is behind. I hope and pray that he will one day walk and talk, but if not, he knows that I will be there to carry him just as Jesus carries me.

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amber and james said...

What an awesome grandma! You have a great attitude about all that you have to deal with! I think not knowing is the hardest thing. I also think giving kids a break from testing is a great idea sometimes! Averi was a human pin cushion a lot of the time and I think it caused a lot of sensory problems for her for sure!

I am so glad you joined this group! You sound like you have a lot of experience you can bring to other people! So nice to meet you!